Three Waters?

Zero gain.

Submissions on the Water Services Entities Bill, the key piece of legislation to implement the Government's Three Waters reforms, are now open.

We've created this tool to make it easy to have your voice heard. Sending your submission opposing the Bill takes just two minutes.

Submissions are now closed.
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Why do you oppose Three Waters?

Tap on one or more of the issues below to include them in your submission.
Higher Water Costs
Unnecessary Bureaucracy
No Local Control
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Will you speak to your submission before the select committee?

You can do this over Zoom, and it makes it more awkward for MPs to ignore the will of the people if hundreds want to speak.

While MPs might not read all written submissions, it is your democratic right to speak to them and submit orally!

Take five minutes to tell them face-to-face why they should Stop Three Waters.
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Add your details

Please provide some details about yourself so we can generate your submission. In the next step you'll be able to see and change the submission before it is sent.
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Finalise your submission

We encourage you to add comments to personalise your submission. You can make changes by tapping the email body below. You will receive a copy of your submission via email.
The Select Committee is responding to some submitters telling them that they are not accepting submissions via email. Don't worry, we will print out your submission and hand deliver it to the mailroom at Parliament to make sure your voice is heard!
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